Step 6 add your logo to your new wordpress website

How To Add New Website To Your Wordpress Multisite Network

With multisite activated, you should notice a new option available on the lefthand side panel of your WordPress dashboard. Click on it. Right now, it should be empty. Just hit the Add New and the following panel As you can see, all you have to do is enter the Site Address, Site Title, set a Site Language, and configure an Admin Email and you are good to go. Once done,

click on the Add Site button and the new site will be live on your

1. Click Appearance > Customize 2. Click on the Site Identity option 3. Below Site Icon, click on Select File (1) 4. Click Upload Files tab and then Select Files, and then choose your site icon image. 5. You may be asked if you want to crop. 6. Then you can preview your site icon (2) 7. Click blue button Save & Publish (3) That’s it; lots easier to add a

custom site icon that before! How to Manually Install WordPress Using FTP How to Apply Conditional Logic in WordPress Forms? Are you completely new to Conditional logic in WordPress forms? If yes then, you ought to learn what conditional logic is first to implement it on your forms. Once you understand this, you can use it efficiently on your WordPress After reading this WPEverest tutorial, you will able understand what

conditional logic is and, how you can use it to create smart forms in Conditional Logic is a way of making your forms more dynamic and responsive to user choices. The conditions are predefined rules used to determine how the form reacts to user inputs. And, you can choose which fields to show or hide by matching the user inputs with the conditions. Also, you can use the AND and

OR gates for more complex conditions. By using these Conditional Logic features, you can avoid creating long and complex forms on your site. If you’re not really on the technical side then, you may find it difficult to understand what Conditional Logic is and how it works on WordPress forms. But in reality, it’s a really simple concept. Conditional logic can do wonders for your forms if you just know

how to use it effectively.

Divi comes with its own default logo. Before you go any further, you can quickly drop your own logo into the logo area. I’m not going to show you how to use every aspect of Divi, but this is one of the things you’ll want to know how to change to brand the site properly. Changing the logo is simple. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, click “Divi” in the left admin bar, and then click “Theme Options.” Click the upload button for the logo area, upload your logo, and then click Now if you navigate to the front-end, you’ll see your logo. The size and orientation of the logo, along with many

other Divi appearance settings, can be changed via the front-end customizer (Appearance >


How To Add A New User To A Wordpress Website

How To Add News Feed To A Wordpress Website

A news feed not only helps save time and effort for the reader, but it also saves time for the website owner too. If you’re a business owner, marketer, blogger, freelancer or professional (lawyer, chef, doctor, etc.) and run a website, you likely wish you could update your content more frequently. Related : 30 Awesome Curated Newsletter Ideas For 2020 We know how hard it can

be to come up with interesting content on a daily basis. You have that daily pressure of making your website look active. However, there are hundreds of things demanding your attention! Updating your WordPress website may end up taking a backseat. This is especially true when you don’t have all the resources in the world at your fingertips to help you create content. Now imagine

this…. What if you could curate and add news feed from different sources? You likely already keep up with the very latest news, industry updates, opinion pieces, videos, etc. within your industry. Imagine handpicking the best articles and web content around the web and turning those web links into a visual collection that you can embed on your WordPress website or blog. In your collection

of visual web links, each of them would redirect your reader to the original piece of content. Now imagine taking a few minutes to add your commentary underneath the pictures (web links) about the importance of the information and why your readers should care about it. Once you’re done you publish and share it with your world! BAM!


How To Manually Add A New User To A Wordpress Website

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