How to use google analytics event tracking in wordpress

How To Use Google Analytics Event Tracking In Wordpress

Google Analytics event tracking allows you to track user actions on your WordPress website – even if the user doesn’t redirect to a new page – by associating some JavaScript code with the page elements you want to track. In this section, we’ll walk you through a quick and easy tutorial to get started with event tracking in WordPress.

Event tracking is not a tough and daunting process if you do it correctly. Firstly you need to set up the Google analytics in the WordPress account so that you can indulge in the further processes. Below mentioned are the easy steps that you can follow to track events for your website.

Jul 4, 2018 | Tutorial, Workflow | I am writing this post because I had some frustrations getting my head all around this, followed so many tutorials online that didn’t work but after much trial and error I have a way that works for me and hope it will help you, learn how to setup event tracking for google analytics. What are we trying to do? We want to track in Google analytics whenever someone submits a contact form or clicks on telephone href link. We want to see how

many submissions/clicks we have had and on what pages. What have we set up already? I assume that you already have analytics set up on your website and it is tracking your visitors.


Add Google Analytics Custom Events Tracking In Wordpress

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